Zombie Wedding Theme Ideas

Zombie Wedding Theme

If your favourite films include “Dawn of the Dead” and “Walking Dead” then ideas about a zombie wedding can become reality. A zombie wedding theme can be a fun, unusual theme with subtle décor ideas right through to full blown, post-apocalyptic zombie celebration.

While the theme of your special day is ultimately your decision, it’s wise to consider the feelings of your family, particularly any cultural and religious sensitivities. You can still incorporate zombie-type ideas into your wedding without being insensitive to your guests.


Many retailers offer zombie-themed stationery. Choose black paper with iridescent red ink for a glamorous touch, or opt for a gothic or spooky font. Ripped or slightly burnt papers can also give your invitations a deadly feel, or seal with a wax stamp for the look of fresh blood.

Zombie Hen or Stag Party ideas

If you like being scared, zombie hunting is a truly terrifying experience, and will definitely ensure it’s a weekend that everyone will remember. Whether you choose to survive the zombie apocalypse, or set out hunting werewolves, events can be evening only, all day or run overnight and include accommodation.

Hire a Gothic Wedding Venue

Venue ideas for your ceremony or reception include a cemetery, funeral home, or haunted house, or for a more contemporary vibe choose an underground rave club or other alternative hotspot. A drab, empty field or forest thicket can also be turned into a zombie wedding site with the addition of a few fake tombstones or recent “graves”.

Dress code

Buy second-hand clothes that you can destroy to give it the undead look. Use costume make-up for blood, slash artful gashes in the fabric, and consider slighting burning the edges for more authenticity. Retro attire such as puffy-sleeved taffeta bridesmaid gowns and ruffled shirts with coloured cummerbunds are especially good for a zombie theme, giving the bridal party a long-decomposed look.


If you want an all out zombie wedding, destroyed make-up is ideal. A pale face with dark, hollowed-out eyes is subtle but effective, and for a gorier event, add wounds, dripping blood, infected stitches, and other details, as well as frizzy, untamed hair.

Zombie Wedding Project

Decorate Your Venue

Instead of traditional floral wedding décor and sparkling finishing touches, decorate your venue with replica zombie-themed movie posters. If you want flowers, use black or chocolate brown colours. Dried flower bouquets also fit a zombie theme.

Fake headstones are popular, as are coffin-shaped tables. Other ideas include “Just Buried” signs, cobwebs, plague rats, skeletons, or half-consumed bodies. Piles of rubble can provide a post-apocalyptic touch, and fog machines can add a mysterious and eerie vibe.

Hold a Zombie Ceremony

For fun, mimic the voices of zombies as you say your wedding vows in your stylish wedding venue transformed to look like a paradise gone to hell. Use fake fingers to display your wedding rings on the ring pillow for a cleverly gruesome touch.

Write Some Realistic Wedding Vows

If you're writing your own wedding vows you might want to add in a few zombie wedding vows. Ideas include “With this ring I thee wed, To have and to hold, to never waste ammo, to always stick by your side and never split up. To always cover each other, in all zombie attacks. I promise to aim for the heads, never other body parts. To always kill the infected, no matter who they are, and most of all, I promise to chop off your head swiftly if you get bitten by one of them.”

Have a Zombie Wedding Cake

If you are torn between a traditional wedding cake or a zombie-themed cake, you can have both. A reversible cake can be decorated beautifully with white rolled icing and red roses on one side and on the other the red can drip over the tiers with fondant figure zombies. It’s fun to do a big reveal to your guests.

Ideas for a cake topper include a pair of zombie hands formed into the shape of a heart or a bride and groom topper, with each holding either a chainsaw or rifle.

Serve Some Zombie Cocktails

Give your cocktails a zombie twist by naming your chosen drinks after your favourite characters in your favourite film. You can also use ice cubes with zombie-themed moulds of hands with creepy fingers peeking out of each drink or frozen eyeballs.

Grooms-men and bridal party gifts

If you are looking for the perfect gifts for your grooms-men consider a leather-bound survival hip-flask. If you prefer more traditional favours, consider packaging them in make-up-stained “bloody” bandages or coffin-shaped wedding favour boxes.

Create a Zombie Photo Booth

Create an unusual wedding photo booth with zombie masks. Include your favourite zombie characters from the movies so that you have a record of your awesome day.