Venue Hire

The gallery and museum at The Last Tuesday Society is available to hire for events including screenings, book launches, cocktail receptions as well as film, tv and editorial purposes.
Please email with any enquiries.

Ideally situated close to both central London and the City, the Museum chambers are particularly suitable for small or medium-sized dinners and receptions. Guests enjoy exclusive access to all areas of the Museum and Gallery. A senior member of the curatorial staff, backed up by members of the museum’s warding team, is on hand throughout the evening to ensure your guests’ enjoyment. Pre-dinner drinks are served in the gallery on the first floor. An optional pre-dinner guided tour of the ground floor rooms can be given by the Curator on duty.

Dinner is served on a mortuary table in a candlelit setting where diners are surrounded by cabinets full of curiosities including shrunken heads, dayak head hunter skulls, anatomical specimens and a craniopagus foetal skeleton. Mirrors reflect the Pompeian red decoration full of naturalia and other works of art.
Dining in this spectacular setting truly is a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Guests may wander through the downstairs rooms of the Museum and visit the famous first chamber with its 18th century mummified human penis that was purportedly once in Oscar Wilde's collection of curiosities. Clients may also use the gallery space upstairs which features a new exhibition every month. One guest remarked after an evening at The Last Tuesday Society.

‘…it was the finest fun imaginable to see the people come into the Gallery after wandering about below, amidst skulls and anatomical curiosities, and coral, and African heads, with a sort of expression of delighted relief at finding themselves among the living, and with Hendrick's Gin. Fancy delicate ladies of fashion dipping their pretty heads to peer into an old anatomical cabinet, blessing their stars at its age, wondering about what it contains …’

The hire charge of £150 per hour is exclusive of VAT and includes all staffing and security costs.
Special concessions of a much reduced price can be made for non-profit organisations, book launches and screenings.

Please email with any enquiries.